Inflorescence at Woodhaven vineyard

Wine is made in the vineyard.

Woodhaven Vineyard viticulture

Organic and biodynamic practices bring out the inherent nature of the site and so produce distinctive wines.

Woodhaven Vineyard applies organic and biodynamic practices to enhance soil structure, vine health and wine flavour.  We are committed to biodynamic viticulture in the entire vineyard to achieve wines that are a unique expression of this site, as evidenced by long established and distinguished growers such as Cullen Vineyards and Jasper Hill.  

We have been a member of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia since April 2005, regularly apply a range of their biodynamic preparations to the vineyard and adhere to biodynamic principles in all things.  

Our hands-on canopy management, is essential to achieve balance in the vine, keep yields low and enhance flavours in the wine.  At Woodhaven Vineyard this involves disbudding early in the season, shoot thinning and shoot tipping late Spring, followed by leaf plucking and fruit thinning around veraison.  We hand pick the fruit at peak ripeness, with the help of friends.  

Through June to August, we spend most days pruning the vines.  In May, we put out the last set of biodynamic preps for the season to promote healthy buds for next seasons crop.